Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 2----OOps

It's after 7p.m. Which is always danger time. All sorts of rationalitsations are going on in my mind.

  • I can handle one small drink
  • I could drink long as I don't drink spirits
  • I have been to this place before and it doesn't matter if I fail again
  • I can start again tomorrow
  • No one is watching
  • It's not as if I'm going to drive
  • I've had one clear day so it's OK to just have one drink
Thank God that all this sounds so pathetic and shallow. I am still not  sure that I will manage this tonight.

Let me affirm!
  • This is a time of great gift
  • Not drinking is a blessing not a curse
  • I am saving my life not diminishing it
  • All the above excuses are exactly that, excuses
  • I have had long periods in my life ....even not so long ago...when I have not drunk for months
  • I can do this
This is a time of great gift. This is God moving in my life. Inviting me to respond to God alone. I'll blog more about the faith dimensions of all this soon.
But for now...this is good!

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